When an adventure team receives its map to study it, the first thing it does is identify the PCs. Then it begins to draw the theoretical route, analyzing the different topographic accidents that it manages to identify on the map, they read the race guide which gives them some clues of what they will find on the tour, they eat the last nails they have left and they will wait for their new life experience ...

During the route you will find easy-to-follow routes as you will also have to listen to the navigator's terrifying phrase when things get difficult: “let's look for a path in this azimuth.” At that moment it is where the whole team enters to work hard for not letting themselves be defeated, the "Mule" (member team with more strength) go ahead to open the road, the navigator keeps the route focused, the optimist encourages the team to continue fighting, the "comelón "(member team who likes food more) takes care that everyone is feeding and hydrating, the less blind helps interpret the map to the navigator and take turns the tip according to the strength of each one. Then, at the end of that tangle you can reach the next pc, feeling an inexplicable emotion and understood only by those who live it.

That is what we are feeling right now, involved in this great project where the team is not only us, it will also be made up of all of you, the future runners and the future sponsors, where together we will make history joining our forces and making the best of each.

We will not only be part of the rebirth of expedition races in Colombia, but we will also be part of the first Colombian race 💯 belonging to the world adventure racing circuit (ARWS), giving more opportunities to other Colombian teams to win their World Cup . We will bring national and international tourism to the less traveled areas, linking those regions that were once ours and we are recovering them again.

But also, how we should always continue dreaming, with the help of all of you, we will open the doors so that in a few years we can have a world adventure in our beautiful country.

“Bienvenidos a PC12"