Organizer Team


Support Team

Rodrigo Bolivar - "Rodro"

Publicist. Passionate about nature, creativity, sports and adventure. More than 20 years of experience in the advertising world and his whole life has been spent reading maps. Adventure racer since 2002. In 2015 he had his first participation in the AR World Series running the Raid Galicia.

Mas A Comunicaciones - Alicia Velásquez


Creativity agency, which works on the design and production of experiences for people and brands, supported by communication strategies. Alicia Velásquez: Entrepreneur of service companies, culture manager and innovation projects, creative project developer, context writer, director of public and private projects in the areas of innovation, communications, advertising and marketing.

PubliVideo Más Imagen - Jorge Mejia

It is made up of a team that works tirelessly since 1995 with the only purpose of providing excellent quality audiovisual and communication solutions, both in the public and private sectors, developing television commercials, image and brand positioning processes, and video production Institutional and promotional.

Colombia VIP Travel - Sandra Moreno

The world needs happy people and traveling is an expression of happiness, harmony and a means for the restoration of being. This is why tourism is the happiness industry; people travel to be happy and Colombia VIP Travel exists to make people happy, because people who are happy live longer and live better. We want people to live with a greater degree of physical, psychological and social well-being.

Gustavo Blanco - Comunicador

Passionate about the world of adventure and nature, supporting adventure sports for more than 15 years.